Frequently Asked Questions

How is CitiCash different from other cryptocurrencies?

CitiCash is not only easy to use but will also be available for payments both within and outside the crypto world. Payments in restaurants, retail stores, online retailers or other vendors, can be transacted via debit card. Each debit card is connected to a particular wallet. Anyone with CitiCash coins in their wallet will be eligible to request a debit card.

Will CitiCash be traded on coin exchange markets?

Yes. We will keep you updated on the entrance of CitiCash to the coin exchange markets on our social media accounts.

Where can I search for more information about the CitiCash project?

For more information, please go to our website. We also recommend checking out our Whitepaper. Follow us here: Twitter, Facebook, Slack, GitHub, Reddit, Bitcointalks and Steemit. Or contact us directly here: [email protected]